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The World’s Most Powerful Solution For Collecting And Publishing Customer Videos

VideoPeel makes it easy to harness the power of authentic, high quality customer reviews and testimonials to boost your engagement, conversions and sales.

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Using Video Reviews As Social Proof Can:

20% Increase In Conversion Rate

35% Increase In Click Through Rate

2x Increase In ROI

8x Increase In Customer Engagement

VideoPeel Lets You Easily Gather Customer Videos Like These


And easily add them to your site like this

Skyrocket Your Sales with Authentic Customer Videos

We all know how important online reviews are to your business. People trust the personal recommendations of other customers. And now you can quickly and easily gather customer videos (the gold standard in social proof), thanks to VideoPeel. It’s your all-in-one solution for easily capturing and publishing authentic customer reviews, testimonials, product demonstrations, and more.

The Social Proof Asset You Can Use Anywhere

Customer videos are an asset you can use to improve your marketing and brand image along every step of the customer journey, including…

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Amazon Product Listing Syndication

Youtube Videos

Website Carousel Embed

Dedicated Video Reviews Page

Simple Marketing Publishing

VideoPeel's Goal:

Make It Overly Simple For Your Customers to Leave You Engaging Video Reviews

Remote Video Capturing Made Easy

VideoPeel is designed to make the video recording process as easy as possible. All your customers have to do is visit your customizable VideoPeel link and click to record! It’s the hassle-free, frustration free way to gather videos from people all over the world.

  • No app to download
  • No login required
  • Works on any device
  • Just click to record!

How It Works

VideoPeel is designed to make the video capturing and publishing process as easy as possible for everyone involved. You'll be gathering and publishing authentic customer videos in just 3 simple steps:

step 1


Provide instructions and create your review link. VideoPeel even captures permissions and signatures to use the video.

step 2


Your customer records their video in one easy click, then is taken to a thank you page with your custom message and Call To Action.

step 3


Easily publish your reviews to the places that matter most — on your website, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

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Our clients can setup their campaigns and get started within minutes. We recommend that you test different campaigns to have the highest probability of success. If you request us to recruit people for you, we begin recruiting right away and you should have several candidates applying to participate in your campaign within a few days.

If you want to cancel, we recommend that you download your videos before canceling the service. But your videos will still remain in your cancelled account and will be there if you re-subscribe to our service within 3 months.

Yes, our default privacy policy and terms & conditions grant you a license to each video submission. And you can customize these terms as you require in the pro and enterprise plans.

Our technology makes it very easy for someone to follow your instructions, create a video with their own smartphone, and then submit it to you. We take care of the challenges with large files, transcoding, multi-devices, multiple video formats, etc.

Absolutely. You can upgrade to our Pro, Premium or Enterprise Plan anytime through our billing page.